Stone Pillar TestPlanManager (TPM)

TestPlanManager automates test plan creation and eliminates time consuming and error-prone hand coding of test plans.

The short video below provides an introduction to TestPlanManager. Please contact Stone Pillar for more information about how leading semiconductor companies are speeding testing with TestPlanManager.

TestPlanManager retrieves information about test chips created by either TestChipBuilder or externally produced. TestPlanManager then presents the devices and their parameters to the user in a tabular form.

The user can then select from libraries of available tests and apply these to one or more devices. The tests can be grouped for convenience and flows such as complete or reduced test flows can be stored within the Stone Pillar Suite database. Test inputs can be scaled using device geometric or technology parameters. Tests can even be applied based on rules so that complete test plans can be created in a matter of minutes from stored heuristics.

Once the desired flows have been created, TestPlanManager will automatically create complete test plan command language targeting Agilent or Keithley test equipment.

Stone Pillar TestPlanManager interconnects details about test structure location and attributes with associated device limits and scalable algorithm and procedure libraries. By interconnecting these details, the task of creating a complete test plan is a simple point and click operation that frees the test engineer from manually managing this information.

For a more detailed look at how one customer benefited from the use of Stone Pillar TestPlanManager, click here for a white paper describing their experience.


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