Stone Pillar Suite Overview

Stone Pillar Suite enables complete, integrated data management for companies engaged in the development, monitoring, and improvement of semiconductor processes or circuits.

Stone Pillar Suite is designed to improve process development cycle times, optimize process performance, enable faster yield ramping, and enhance process stability by providing access to all aspects of semiconductor design and test data through an integrated system and improving communication of this data within an organization. Stone Pillar Suite offers a set of application tools tailored to semiconductor process development which enable automation and optimization of common tasks and provide unique functionality to improve engineering efficiency.

The short video below provides an introduction to Stone Pillar Suite. Please contact Stone Pillar for more information about how leading semiconductor companies are speeding technology development with Stone Pillar Suite.

Stone Pillar Suite reduces the requirement for experimental split lots by making information about experiments available and transparent across an organization.

Stone Pillar Suite enables engineers engaged in the integration and characterization of new analog/mixed-signal semiconductor processes to focus on analysis, rather than tedious and error-prone tasks of gathering and formatting data.

Workgroup Level Integrated Engineering Information Access

  • Experimental Split Lot Definitions
  • Electrical Test Plans
  • Wafer Maps
  • Measured Data
  • Test Chip Layouts
  • Parameterized Device Designs

Stone Pillar Suite includes data management capabilities and a set of utilities for operating on this data. The lower boxes in this figure represent the different data sets that are linked together in Stone Pillar Suite. The upper boxes represent the Stone Pillar Suite tools that facilitate common tasks involved in process development.


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