Services & Support

Stone Pillar TechnologiesTM, Inc. provides systems complete support for installation, training, and customization of our software offerings. In addition, we offer several service activities focussed on using our tools to deliver completed solutions for your technology.

Test Chip Template Library Creation

Stone Pillar Suite - TestChipBuilder is the fastest way to generate complete test chips including documentation. We provide this tool with a set of library devices. In addition, we provide services to create custom devices tailored to your exact specifications. This enables rapid creation of test chips, and easy revisions without the need to implement your own device templates.

Design Rule Generation and Documentation

DesignRuleBuilder is the fastest way to create complete design rules and DRC / LVS run sets. We offer this capability as a complete software solution or as a service where our skilled engineers use our tools to create a complete, fully-documented, easily searchable rule set that is tailored to your technology.


Stone Pillar SuiteTM is designed to be highly intuitive to the end user. Required training for end users of the client systems is either none, or minimal. Systems administration training for data loading server modules may be required for those engineers providing data inputs to the system (e.g. loading GDS2 test chips into the database).


Stone Pillar's mission is to network all forms of data required to better automate the development of semiconductor components. Stone Pillar provides customization services design to make sure remote systems may be interfaced into Stone Pillar Suite. Consulting along with customization of both client and server products is provided to our customers on an ongoing basis.


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