Stone Pillar ReportGenerator

Automated Report Generation -- Stone Pillar ReportGenerator automates standard report generation. ReportGenerator connects with the information contained within the Stone Pillar Suite database such as:

  • Supported devices
  • Device parameters and targets
  • Electrical Test results
  • Spice Models
  • Process Flows
  • Wafer Maps
  • Test Chip Layouts
  • Parameterized Device Designs
  • Process revisions

ReportGenerator enables users to formulate desired reports and have these generated automatically based on incoming electrical test data. For example, a user might want to get a weekly report of measured data for supported devices for a particular process.

This can be done by selecting the desired devices and parameters along with formatting information and target values to be included in the generated report plots. These might be for a set of data extending over the preceeding two weeks to be plotted in box plot format with a statistical summary for each parameter and with parameters violating their target limits highlighted in red.


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