Stone Pillar Product Overview

Stone Pillar Technologies' Stone Pillar SuiteTM is a complete software framework that automates many of the tasks involved in semiconductor technology development. Stone Pillar Suite provides unique functionality that allows process technologists to focus on analysis, rather than tedious and error-prone data mining and document generation.

The following tools are available for the Stone Pillar Suite framework. Each of these tools is built around a Java based extensible "plug-in" architecture that facilitates deployment in a state-of-the-art distributed client-server workgroup environment.

  • DeviceTargetManager
    Stone Pillar DeviceTargetManager is used to set up supported devices and related limits within the Stone Pillar Suite Data Server. These supported devices can be linked to subsequent test chips, test plans, and experimental data and the limits can be invoked for inclusion in automatically generated reports. More>>

  • TestChipBuilder/ChipEditor
    Stone Pillar TestChipBuilder and ChipEditor offer a complete, integrated, graphically-driven system for automated test chip generation. TestChipBuilder can automatically generate test structures with varying geometries from an extensive library of device templates. Templates can be user specified using our unique JavaScript-based template building capabilities. Devices can be automatically placed and routed within a pad ring. The resulting modules, or pad frames, can then be combined to build up an entire test chip.

    Entire test chips can automatically reflect ongoing updates to global DRC rules. The generated structures can be streamed out as GDS2 or converted to Cadence® SKILL, to support scalable SPICE models within a CAD environment.

    Electrode names and positions are maintained within Stone Pillar Suite, which facilitates automated electrical test plan development. Association between electrical test results and test structure layout parameters is automatically created and maintained by Stone Pillar Suite. This enables easy, automated recreation of plots or data views of interest (such as scatter plots of Leakage versus Poly-Composite Overlap), which speeds design rule verification and optimization.

    TestChipBuilder also creates up-to-date and complete documentation of individual geometrical device parameters and complete test chip configurations. More>>

  • TestPlanManager
    Stone Pillar TestPlanManager is used to automate test plan creation and eliminates time consuming and error-prone hand coding of test plans.

    TestPlanManager retrieves information about test chips created by either TestChipBuilder or externally produced. TestPlanManager then creates any needed device instances within the Stone Pillar Suite database and presents the devices and their parameters to the user in a tabular form.

    The user can then select from libraries of available tests and apply these to one or more devices. The tests can be grouped for convenience and flows such as complete or reduced test flows can be stored within the Stone Pillar Suite database.

    Once the desired flows have been created, TestPlanManager will automatically create test plans that can be run on standard test equipment. More>>

  • BenchTestManager
    Stone Pillar BenchTestManager is used to facilitate and automate bench testing by providing ready access to test chip and wafer details, providing automated and semi-automated test execution through test flows and plans, and storing the test locations and test results to enable rapid selection of previously untested die and devices. More>>

  • DataAnalyzer
    Stone Pillar DataAnalyzer provides rapid, complete and easy-to-use capabilities that facilitate the review, filtering, and visualization of test data via spreadsheet, scatter plots, box plots, statistical summaries and timelines of parameter drift. An automated and comprehensive split lot analysis environment accelerates your timeline to generate lot reports, draw firmer conclusions and speed learning cycles. Within this environment, you can easily review test chip layout, process flow revision, target values, and split experiment details for an individual data point or a complete experiment with the click of a button. More>>

  • ExperimentBuilder
    Stone Pillar ExperimentBuilder enables the rapid definition of split lot experiments with reference to a baseline process flow. Experiments are defined with a familiar matrix editor and are stored in the Stone Pillar Suite database for analysis, alongside future electrical test results. Split details are automatically linked with experimental parameters and test structures. More>>

  • ReportGenerator
    Stone Pillar ReportGenerator automates the creation of standard reports based on information present in the Stone Pillar Suite Data Server. More>>


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