FAQ : Stone Pillar Suite

Q: How can Stone Pillar Suite improve productivity within my process development organization?

A: Stone Pillar Suite provides fast, accurate access to measured e-test data and easy to navigate links between measured results and process or geometric variations, experiment design, or layout information. The ready availability of experimental results improves the value obtained from split experiments by making them available to interested persons throughout an organization. Stone Pillar Suite includes convenient graphically driven tools for common tasks such as experiment design, design rule creation, and test chip layout. These tools serve three important purposes: First they speed common tasks immensely. Secondly they reduce or eliminate many common errors in these tasks. Third they force users to adhere to constraints that make certain that the output produced, whether it be a design rule set, a test chip layout, or an experimental design, fits correctly into the constraints of the data management capabilities of Stone Pillar Suite. This insures that relevant information is included within Stone Pillar Suite for purposes of automated report generation, or interactive perusal by either the originator of a split experiment or colleagues who might gain valuable insight from the results. This enables engineers to benefit from experiments performed by colleagues that might otherwise have been inaccessible.

Q: How can Stone Pillar Suite help my overall productivity?

A: Stone Pillar Suite speeds development of various components required for process technology development. For example, the parameterized test chip capabilities included in Stone Pillar Suite provide capabilities for rapid test chip layout deployment, and also create related documentation and facilitate electrical test routine generation, checking and documentation. By linking together the previously disparate information, Stone Pillar Suite leads to considerable improvements in group productivity and a dramatic reduction in errors in a variety of technology development tasks.

Q: Does Stone Pillar Suite require that I change my business processes or will it be flexible to work with my existing data systems and processes?

A: Stone Pillar Suite can be introduced as a supplement to your existing systems, supplementing existing systems without introducing additional procedures. Alternatively, components of Stone Pillar Suite can be introduced in a modular manner, gradually replacing existing tools and processes with a complete integrated capability set that takes full advantage of the many automated capabilities and data interconnections available within Stone Pillar Suite. This leads to a considerable business performance improvement.


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