Stone Pillar ExperimentBuilder

Experiment Design & Definition -- Stone Pillar ExperimentBuilder enables the rapid definition of split lot experiments with reference to a baseline process flow. Experiments are defined with a familiar matrix editor and are stored in the Stone Pillar Suite database for analysis, alongside future electrical test results. Split details are automatically linked with experimental parameters and test structures.

Features & Benefits

  • Generate and maintain Split Lot experiments in a standard format

  • Store experiments by specified process name and version for future reference

  • Search, find and retrieve historic experiments by split factor name

  • Reference experiments to specific process flow versions

  • Refer to uniquely identified splits and split factor values during data analysis

  • Built in Design of Experiments (DOE)

  • Integrated with Process Flow Manager application

  • Easy-to-use matrix-based experiment definition editor

  • Improved error tolerance over generic spreadsheet definitions

  • Manage complete experimental data for future reference

  • Automated integration into Stone Pillar Suite framework for automated split lot data analysis

  • Output to industry standard spreadsheet file format

  • Identify split differences between wafers from different lots


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