Stone Pillar DeviceTargetManager

Complete Device Target Management System -- Stone Pillar DeviceTargetManager provides a GUI-driven utility for documenting, storing, version controlling, and sign-off for supported devices and target parameter values. DeviceTargetManager allows administrator control of supported device lists, and related device parameters. All information entered into DeviceTargetManager is stored in the Stone Pillar database and can be reviewed in conjuntion with subsequent experimental data.

For example, when starting development of a new technology, a set of supported devices can be enetered into DeviceTargetManager and documented for the engineers developing the detailed device designs. This stage might include preliminary device performance target values.

As development progresses on the technology, the device targets and supported device list may change. These changes can be reflected in DeviceTargetManager along with sign-off and comments so that a complete revision history is established.

When the process reaches maturity, the target values for individual device parameters can automatically be included in reports showing device performance over time.


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