Stone Pillar DataAnalyzer

Automated Data Analysis for Process Optimization -- Stone Pillar DataAnalyzer provides rapid, complete and easy-to-use data analysis, including spreadsheet, scatter plots, box plots, and timelines of parameter drift. An automated and comprehensive split lot analysis environment accelerates your timeline to generate lot reports, draw firmer conclusions and accelerate learning cycles.

Features & Benefits

  • Analyze device data by experimental split and by experimental split and by process recipe parameters

  • Automatically jump from measured data point to related experiment, test device layout, test plan, or process flow test plan, or process flow

  • Compare Technology CAD with measured data for rapid calibration

  • Optimize device parameters versus design rule parameters

  • Analyze data by device geometries

  • Compare electrical test data to electrical design rules and performance targets

  • Automated data collection

  • Automated split lot analysis

  • Interactive, multi-variant data analysis

  • Automated generation of accurate lot reports

  • Integrated box plot and scatter plot capability

  • Die, wafer, lot, and split level data switches

  • Experiment archiving

  • Integrated IC layout, test structure viewer

  • Integrated experiment split factor controller


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