Indian Institute of Technology: World Class Research Institution uses TestChipBuilder to teach device layout fundamentals and for industry collaborative research

Stone Pillar Technologies is committed to providing our state-of-the-art tools for test chip generation to leading universities and research institutions worldwide. This open approach provides a community of developers creating parameterized devices that can be applied in industry and that foster university to industry interactions. One such institution that is using TestChipBuilder to explore advanced layout issues is the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur.

"TestChipBuilder from Stone Pillar Technologies provides a great environment for exposing students to advanced layout considerations that go beyond simple point and click editing. Using TestChipBuilder, students can create parameterized devices and explore the implications of design rules for changing geometries. TestChipBuilder also enables us to carry out industry-funded frontier level research activities in the area of layout automation and optimization."

Source: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

IIT has deployed TestChipBuilder as a part of both their academic curriculum and as a vehicle for industry sponsored research projects.

One of our industrial customers wanted to work with a university partner to create a library of template devices for rapid test chip implementation and to explore novel device layout approaches. They determined that IIT was an excellent partner for this project as well as a conduit for skilled graduates.

Working within Stone Pillar's university program, IIT obtained licenses to several simultaneous user seats for TestChipBuilder which they deployed in their student computational laboratory. These licenses enabled the use of TestChipBuilder for both teaching and the funded research that provided the initial impetus for the project.

Stone Pillar's university program provides access to Stone Pillar Suite tools to qualified universities and research institutions worldwide. To find out more about the Stone Pillar university program, please contact us.


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