Multi-national IDM speeds Technology Development with Stone Pillar Suite

This customer has deployed several components of Stone Pillar Suite across multiple locations. Stone Pillar Suite saves them time and split lots and speeds their complete technology development cycle.

Technology development is an expensive process. In determining the ROI for a system to enhance productivity in their efforts in this area, this customer considered several areas for potential return:

  • Engineering time
  • Mask turns
  • Split lot cost
  • Fab time
  • Faster time-to-market

Each of these sources for savings represents on the order of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in potential savings.

After a thorough analysis of available solutions, the customer elected to deploy several components of Stone Pillar Suite, namely:

  • DeviceTargetManager
  • ExperimentBuilder
  • DataAnalyzer

This provided them with the capability to define targets for a process under development, define process experiments, and connect these with the resulting electrical test measurements. This capability provided improved analysis and faster turn-around on split lot experiments.

According to a director in the technology development organization:

"The capabilities provided by the Stone Pillar Suite toolset streamlined our experiment and analysis process. We saved time, split lots, and a tremendous amount of engineering frustration. We expect a continuing roll-out of the Stone Pillar products and like the first instance, a substantial return on our investment."


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