Micrel Inc. speeds new process technology development with Stone Pillar DesignRuleBuilder

Micrel Inc., an industry leader in Power, Connect and ProtectTM IC solutions, has adopted the DesignRuleBuilder component of the Stone Pillar Suite toolkit for semiconductor technology development.

Stone Pillar DesignRuleBuilder automates generation of intelligent design rules to speed runset creation, reduces the learning curve for supported DRC/LVS tools, and provides support for multiple targeted tools from a single rule set.

Technology development for advanced power semiconductor devices requires extremely complex design rules that must be flexible enough to accommodate rule variations based on device geometries, voltages, and applications. The large engineering investment for manually creating such rule sets makes it impractical to support multiple DRC/LVS tools such as DRACULA and IC Editors. By providing a convenient GUI-based interface for rule creation, DesignRuleBuilder enables engineers to speed up runset creation and focus on the creation of high quality rules, rather than learning details of command language specific to individual DRC/LVS tools.

"We performed an exhaustive evaluation of Stone Pillar's DesignRuleBuilder on one of our most complicated technologies," said Dr. Marek Jaczynski, director of CAD services for Micrel. "Based upon the success of this project, we are looking forward to significant savings in runset development time and flexibility. DesignRuleBuilder makes it possible for engineers to rapidly create high quality runsets for multiple target tools."


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