Stone Pillar BenchTestManager (BTM)

BenchTestManager automates bench testing and eliminates manual and ad hoc recordkeeping. BenchTestManager automates device selection and provides adaptive test decisionmaking to create test flows or complete test plans based on prior test results.

The short video below provides an introduction to BenchTestManager. Please contact Stone Pillar for more details about how BenchTestManager is speeding testing for leading semiconductor companies.

With BenchTestManager, you can select a sequence of devices and prepare a complete test sequence from your desk, before you ever load the wafer onto the probe station. Capabilities include the ability to qualify the wafer or specific structure designs and branch the test sequence accordingly so that detailed tests need only be run on the most promising designs.

Or, use BenchTestManager in interactive mode, to automate the selection of devices to test, determine probe head position, and execute. Then review the results and determine the next structure to test and inputs on the fly, with assistance from BenchTestManager to find the right device, including selection of previously untested devices, devices qualified by previous tests or devices on untested die.

BenchTestManager manages the bookkeeping so you can focus on quality tests and testing decisions.

For example, in a typical sequence for ESD structure qualification, using a Hanwa tester, you might initially qualify a sample wafer using continuity or breakdown qualification tests. If the wafer passes these initial qualifications, you might wish to run a short test sequence on a large number of candidate designs. Based on the results of this initial short test sequence, a set of devices iwth promising characteristics would be tested more fully with a longer test sequence. All of the control logic to perform these tests and prune the device design space are available within BenchTestManager.

For a more detailed look at how Stone Pillar can help speed your bench testing with BenchTestManager, click here.

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