Stone Pillar Suite Applications

Stone Pillar SuiteTM is used through all phases of technology development, from initial device target setting through test chip and design rule creation, experimentation, and electrical data analysis.

The following application areas are suited to individual tools in the Stone Pillar Suite suite. Following these, is a description of the use of the complete capabilities of Stone Pillar Suite.

  • Complete Support for Technology Development
    Stone Pillar Suite tools can be used individually or as a complete system. The value of the tools increases dramatically when they are deployed as a complete system. More>>

  • Test Chip Automation
    Stone Pillar Suite - TestChipBuilder provides a means for rapidly creating test chips that can be completely and accurately documented automatically. More>>

  • Automated Electrical Test Plan Generation
    Stone Pillar Suite - TestPlanManager offers a complete, integrated, graphically-driven system for the creation of test plans from available test libraries. More>>

  • Automated Data Analysis
    Stone Pillar Suite - DataAnalyzer enables rapid, automated analysis of electrical test measurements. More>>

  • Automated Report Generation
    Stone Pillar Suite - ReportGenerator enables rapid, automated creation of reports based on technology details stored in the Stone Pillar Suite data server. More>>

  • Test Chip Generation Service
    Stone Pillar Technologies provides complete test chip generation services using the powerful capabilities of TestChipBuilder. More>>


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